There are many detractors of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who feel that it is a little bit peculiar that a man (whom no one knows his origin or what happened to him) who allegedly taught that there is a "mothership" hovering around the earth waiting to kill white people made by a  black so-called God-devil scientist, and another group of scientists who tried to blow up the earth 66 trillion years ago  (but Elijah says they weren't successful--and that is how we have the moon today).

Yes, it is very "peculiar". But the issue is not that it is "peculiar" but IF it can be proven to be true or false. There are many things in the Quran that are not yet understood by the "scholars". There are many things that happened on this planet that the scientists of this world are just discovering and have yet to discover.

Remember that this western world condemned Galileo when he talked about the earth not being in the center of the solar system. Yes, a stranger who seemingly no one knew came to the slums of Detroit in the middle of a depression talking about stuff that nobody, even the scientists of that day, knew about. For instance, he said that Mt. Everest was 29,141 feet high. In a recent newspaper article the scientists have measured Mt. Everest using more sophisticated methods and it seems to have grown closer to Master Fard's figure and further from their previous calculations.

Before you discount the moon being blown from the earth, you need to do the calculations of what the diameter of the earth would be if you put the mass of the moon back into it. Then you need to evaluate why is the whole area around the Pacific ocean called the "ring of fire". Then you need to check out the chemical composition of the moon rocks brought back by the astronauts and ask, "If the moon came from other than the earth, then why is its composition so similar?"

"Why would moon rock have the smell of gunpowder?"

You then need to look at a globe of the earth and see how if you took North and South America and moved it closer to Europe and Africa, how you would have a perfect fit.

Now about "Yakub": Where did so-called white folk come from? I say "so-called" because they are nothing but ALBINOS who came from Africa and somehow got stranded in the Islands in the Aegean Sea and forgot or were lied to about their ancestry.

Why do so-called white folks when they get mad with each other say, "you Cretin"? Read your Greek literature and find out where they said that they came from. It was not from no Indo-Europea either.

Who were those people who lost a war in Kmt and were put on boats 6,000 years ago? Where did they go? Sir Arthur Evans believes they wound up on Crete.

Master Fard Muhammad taught us the basis of genetic manipulation in how the white man was made. Now the so-called white man is using genetic engineering to make whole new species of creatures and weapons to eliminate the original inhabitants.

Who is the Original Man? Surely not white people, their genetic researchers have traced all of us back to some Africans, so the Black man is the "original man".

By the way, Africa and Asia are one land mass and "Africa" is not what Africans called their land. "Africa" is a European word not "African". Where did the word "Asia" come from?

We notice that so-called white folks who know a little about science never argue with us about that "peculiar" stuff that Elijah (a man with a third grade education) taught. They just don't like being called "devil". Of course if they would join Islam,then we could no longer call them "devil" because by their own choice they would have rejected the LIE that separates them from the human family. "Devil" is a psychological state not a state of the flesh. Albinos who accept being Black fit right in with the rest of the world. So-called white people hold themselves up as separate and something special, i.e. like Iblis.

Granted, most of the followers of the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, never bothered to study to see if they could be verified from a third perspective. They simply believed in Elijah and that was sufficient until he left. When his son Wallace took over and said that all we were taught was a bunch of myths, most, even myself discounted all that he had taught us except the part about studying the Holy Quran so that we would be accepted by the our "Brothers in the East".

Without going into long detail here, it was not until I was a graduate student at Michigan State and went back deeply into the volumes at their library that I began to see that I had better rethink the Teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Then when so-called white folks began to get burnt up by the sun (melanoma from depletion of ozone), well that was too close to Elijah's prediction of them being burnt up by the sun for me to ignore the implications of that for our future.

Then I really began studying Ancient Kmt and the pyramids and realized that our ancestors were really something and the relationship between Islam and their religion was too close to be coincidental. And the relationship between their history and what was taught to us by Master Fard Muhammad about the "Holy Land" and the "Best Part of the Planet Earth" was too close to ignore.

Yes, it is difficult to explain many of the "peculiar" teachings that Master Fard brought and Elijah taught without years of study. I am just scratching the surface, but fortunately my work has inspired many others to do so as well.

The Kemetic Research Institution of Science and Technology was established to continue that search for truth so skillfully held from the world but locked within the writings, monuments and geometry left by our ancestors.  So now we begin to rebuild.

Peace, Doc