Volume 1, Number 4                                                                                                                   November 21, 1999




  Kemetic Research Institute of Science & Technology




Image of the Beast Part II


by Dr. Ridgely A. Mu'min Muhammad


            L'Enfant stated, " No nation ever before had the opportunity offered them of deliberately deciding upon the spot where their capital city should be fixed..." (Works Progress Administration, 1937).  Of course L'Enfant was not correct unless he was referring only to European capitals.  Ancient Kemit laid out cities as a routine as we have shown in the layout of the Giza Plateau.

            From L'Enfant's statement one must see that the city was planned on a grand level.  And the authors of Washington: City and Capital write: "Thus, the character of the city as conceived by L'Enfant must remain largely a matter of conjecture.  The very magnitude of L'Enfant's vision precluded immediate realization of his scheme; and the original conception upon which the plan of Washington is based, emerged only partially, under adverse circumstances, during the ensuing years." (W.P.S., 1937)  In other words, there was an underlying plan that was being developed without the final manifestation being apparent at conception.  I will attempt to show that what first started out, or was sold, as being a model of the Statue of Liberty has manifested itself to be a beast holding the world in its claws while drinking the blood of the people.  They show you this graphically knowing that few people would take the time to analyze what is going on, literally, underneath their feet.

            Listen to the description of the tract of land to become the site of the Capitol: "The eastern part of this tract was marked by a plateau 80 feet above the river, with a knoll at its western end known as Jenkins Hill - the Site of the Capitol.  Goose Creek, significantly renamed the Tiber, flowed along the base of this knoll, turning sharply westward through a marshy woodland which was destined to play an important part in the future development of the city." (W.P.W., 1937)  There are a couple of interesting points or clues given in these two sentences.  Why is Goose Creek renamed the Tiber?  The Tiber is the name of the river upon which Rome was established on seven hills.  The shape of the Capitol building reminds one of St. Peter's Church.  There is an obelisk in the middle of St. Peter's Square.  There is an obelisk standing in front of the Capitol, the Washington Monument.  The Vatican is an independent country sitting in the middle of Italy.  D.C. is the capital of the USA, but not a state itself.  The similarities continue.  The emblem of Ancient Rome was the eagle and the eagle is the emblem of America.

            And this "marshy woodland" has become The Mall or the area that connects the Capitol to the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial.  However, if you compare maps over this 200 year period, you will find that much of the present Mall and Potomac Park were not above water at the time of L'Enfant.  This indicates that man changed the shape of the land to conform to some preconceived idea and that the outcome of the design was not controlled by the existing backdrop of nature.  And indeed on page 573 of the Washington Progress Administration Report, the authors tell us that this land was taken from the Potomac River: "This section of Potomac Park was the first to be reclaimed from this swampland.  Work on it was begun in 1890 by Army engineers, who pumped mud from the river channels to make and artificial peninsula serving a triple purpose.  It cleared the channel, formed a bulwark to protect the newly created harbor, and later provided a spacious recreational ground of 327 acres." (p. 573, W.P.A., 1937) And I might add served to produce a tail for a skunk or a wing for an eagle or griffin.

            Before we go on to further analyze the map of 1937 (exhibit 1), it is interesting to note that the architect hired to provide the McMillan Plan of 1901 was the same architect who designed the river front parks in Chicago for the 1896 World Fair,  Daniel Hudson Burnham.  He also was instrumental in developing the urban plans for Cleveland, Detroit, and San Francisco.  Exhibit 8 is a map of Chicago with a further amplification of the downtown area in the inset.  Notice how Meigs Field fits into the mouth of Roosevelt Rd. Beach either being swallowed or spat out by a crocodile or dragon.  Now look at the lower section of exhibit 1.  You will notice that in the Potomac River is an island named Theodore C. Roosevelt Island and it (The Pig-headed Dragon) seems to either be eating or spitting something out of its mouth.  The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial sits on this island on what would be 32nd Street.  Roosevelt thought that he might be given wisdom above the 33rd degree and by securing the control of the Panama Canal, he could insure the so-called white man's dominance over the Black man.  I will explain why I use the term so-called white man, etc. later in this manuscript.

            Exhibit 1 is the 1937 map of Washington and the cover for this book.  You will notice that I have emphasized a few streets to highlight the hidden motifs.  Let's start with the eagle as seen on the back of the dollar bill and in exhibit 1.  This drawing of the eagle with a 6 pointed star over its head fits perfectly into the layout of Washington.  Everything is self explanatory except for the fig leaves in the left claw of the eagle and the arrows in the right claw as seen on the dollar bill.  This is a 1937 map which predates the Pentagon and Embassy Row.     The locations for buildings and monuments were predetermined.  The names to be affixed to them would be determined as individuals fulfilled certain significant tasks for the "plan".  The script was set, but the performers had to come latter and if their performance was acceptable, then their names or statues were put in pre-existing locations.  In other words: "The whole world is a stage and we are just the actors."  For instance, the Kennedy graves, the Lincoln Memorial and the Martin Luther King Library lie on a straight line.  There is an open traffic circle in this line as of April, 1999 there is no statue setting in it.  The spot lies on an island that has been reshaped into a foot.  "The Lord God said to the serpent, 'Because you have done this, cursed are you above all cattle, and above all wild animals; upon your belly you shall go, and dust you shall eat all the days of your life.  I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel." (Genesis 3:14-15)              Who do you think must be kept under the foot of the beast?  By whom and for what purpose?  And why did J. Edgar Hoover develop a special team within the FBI, Division Five, to prevent the rise of a "messiah"?  Why was the term "messiah" used instead of militant or revolutionary?  We are not talking about some children making castles in the sand.  We are talking about the leaders of the most powerful and lethal country in the known history of the world.  What are they so afraid of that they would spend millions, nay, billions, nay, trillions of your dollars to keep from rising or being resurrected?  They receive the power to do battle against the "messiah" through your taxes and your money that you waste on goods and services from companies run by owners hiding behind stock certificates.  Most Black and so-called white people think that "it's all about money".  Wrong, it's all about control of the agenda for the development or enslavement of Man, God's (Allah's) Vicegerent on earth.

            In exhibit 2 the area around the capital depicts 7 different types of animals, snake, lion, rabbit, eagle, skunk, bat and horse or unicorn.  If you make a transparency of this exhibit, and overlay a transparency of these type of animal heads, you will find that each head fits snugly over the area where the Capitol sits.  Indeed we have a beast with at least seven composite heads, all looking at you, the prey.


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