Volume 1, Number 1                                                                              October 14, 1999


Kemetic Research Institute of Science & Technology


Image of the "Beast"

by Dr. Ridgely A. Mu'min Muhammad

Pull out a dollar bill. Turn it over. It partially reads "IN GOD WE TRUST". There are a lot of symbols and signs.

This newsletter is designed to shock you. Some of you will laugh it off. Some will stop reading it after the introduction. Some will read it, get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the evil, get scared, close down and do nothing. Some will read it, wake up, wake up others and get busy. What state do most Black people stay in? (answer: the State of Denial )

Why should this newsletter scare you? Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. This newsletter exposes a two hundred year monster plot and you are the prey. What started out as the idealistic "American Dream" in 1776 of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" has become the "American Nightmare" of poverty, greed and bloodsuckers of the poor in 1999. The Bible contains the screen play. "Revelations" is the act, the world is the stage and programmed ignorance is the curtain. The players hide behind secret societies, titles, positions and money. What the players don't know is that they are also being played. We will show you the players' game in this newsletter followed by a new book. As it is stated in our lessons, "Mossa taught the devils "...some of the tricknollegy that Yacob taught him". In other words, the players of this world are good, damned good as a matter of fact, but they are indeed damned by their own arrogance.

When I was about five or six years old I remember sitting in the living room of the elderly family that I stayed with during the week because my mother worked at night. I distincly remember a conversation that I was having with myself. I wandered why was there so much evil in the world. Who was the devil and why did God allow the devil to do his devilishment? I always wanted to meet the devil so that I could do what I could to destroy him, or it, or whatever it was.

The teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad brought me face to face with the devil as a human being and more specifically as a destorted mind. But how do you see a "mind"? Brain is not even "mind". A mind can only be seen if it manifests itself in activity. If it is wise it never leaves a physical trace that can be tracted to a particular person. And of course if you find that person, he will surely lie. However, due to arrogance such a mind may one day feel so secure that it will think that it can show itself and still not be detected.

If you have seen a map of Washington, D.C., then you have been brought face to face with the "Image of the Beast". The image of the Beast represents the mind of the devil or satan. It is his mark or handiwork. I have heard it said that if someone takes a picture of you, then they can take control of your soul. Well take a mental picture of the Beast that I am presenting to you and take control of the Beast. You might as well fight because the reality of the image will not allow you to hide.

I wrote a book in 1988 called; "Amen: The Secret Waters of The Great Pyramid". At the time I thought that I was doing Black people and the world a great service by unravelling the secrets of the pyramids. However, it seemed that I was too far ahead of my time or maybe just crazy. You might become a little crazy too, if you had just begun to tap into your genetic memory. I was blessed to go to Egypt for the first time in 1989. While there I was blessed to put my hand on the name of the ancestor who I believe helped me write the book, Ankh-Men-Ra.

I had hoped that Black people would be proud to know that the pyramids were built by their ancestors for giving life instead of burying the dead. But I found that most Black people don't read challenging books unless so-called white people have authorized it. I was trying to wait for Black people to wake up to the knowlege of themselves before I wrote another book. However, the end of the play is near and the players plan to kill these Black Children of Israel in their sleep.

If you don't believe my words, I hope that you believe your own eyes. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so much of these newsletters will be pictures. All of the exhibits and maps are readily available at your local libraries, I just put them together for you in one neat package. I have used these same illustrations in the form of overheads when I have been called upon to give lectures in various parts of the country.

None of the information or interpretations are a product of some secret teachings that I have been given in some mundane exclusive cult. I am not an "oath taker". I never wanted to learn a "truth" that I could not tell. The devil or satanic mind wants you to take an oath of secrecy, then tell you a portion of the truth with a threat of death if you reveal the secrets. Well I can tell what I know because neither the devil, satan or his agents taught me what I know.

I believe that God (Allah) wants truth to be made manifest in both word and deed. However, I do understand that God (Allah) had to keep a few things secret, so that the weaker part of man's nature could expose itself to be finally lopped off at the proper time. Amnesia was a kind of anesthetic while He performed deep brain surgery.

If I have anything of value to offer to the world I owe it all to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It was through Malcolm X's autobiography that I was introduced to the "Life giving teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad". The point that makes this newsletter so intrigueing is that I have been blessed to peep into the secret plans of an arch-deceiver, not by being initiated into some secret society but by being exposed to a teaching that is openly offered to all. If a little black boy from the projects of Winston-Salem, N.C. can peep into the minds of the elite, then that elite will not be able to keep the wool pulled over the other sheeps eyes.

I have tryed my best to follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now his servant the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. They took the chance and stood on the truth that they believed, so I am taking that same chance. I pray to Allah that I say or do nothing that would interfere with their mission. I just want to help.

Enough talk. If you have the time, read Revelations 13:1, take out a dollar bill and spend an hour looking at a good road map, such as AAA, of Washington, D.C., the capital of...A more detailed explaination of the layout of Washington, D.C. is found in my book: "Image of the Beast".


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