MOA Responds to Reading “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2

By Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min Muhammad

August 11, 2010

The Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) has adopted The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2 for the basis for our Tuesday night conference call discussions. I have found that the time period and subject matter of this book fits perfectly to our goal in the Ministry of Agriculture of establishing an independent food production, processing and distribution system for our 40 million Black people in America. To accomplish this goal we need to understand the economic as well as agronomic sciences related to food production, marketing and financing of agribusiness firms. I wanted the other members of the Ministry of Agriculture to read this book and find the threads for their continued research and development which will make them expert nation builders. Therefore I posed this question to them: “What has reading the book, ‘The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2’ caused you to think, what research has it motivated you to do and what action has it motivated you to take? “

Their responses to this question led them to revelations about how we got in our present deplorable economic situation. But their response to the book went beyond defining the problem to learning techniques for solving this economic problem.

Bro. Darelwin Muhammad from Lexington, Ky, writes: “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Volume II is essential to understanding Western Civilization in 2010. Today’s wealth accumulation of North America runs a pattern from Athens, Sparta, Carthage, Rome, to present day Republic Democracy of America’s United States. The system of Plutocracy still exists.”

He compliments the NOI Research Team “…for showing, fundamentally, America was designed and built to accommodate wealthy rich people, not the poor, and especially not the 30-40 million Black descendents of Slaves.”

Sis. Melannee Muhammad of Halifax, Mass, states: “the book has given me the ‘down and dirty details actual facts’ regarding what was done to us. I heard The Messenger say that Master Fard Muhammad came (first) to the black man and woman in America because we had been ‘totally destroyed’.” She further believes that TSR-2 “unequivocally answered” the question of how we got in this condition. She further states that “…the book has caused me to research how we were destroyed via the peonage system detailed in the reference “Slavery by Another Name” The Re-enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II by Douglas Blackmon (New York: Anchor Books, 2009).”

Bro. Frank Muhammad, MOA Milledgeville Study Group points out that the condition of the Black descendents of slaves “…today is individually and collectively worse now than the area covered in the book (TSR-2). I further think the Black People of North America have lost the identity of their common enemy and now accept him as their trusted friends.”

However, TSR-2 eloquently and methodologically points out that the very ones that we thought were our friends have proven to be our worst enemies. The book has led Bro. Gerald Muhammad, a small farmer in Vicksburg, MS, to find information on the internet which exposes “… the Jewish Dominance and Exploitation of the Black Civil Rights Movement.” He found a link “…which goes into detail by calling names of those Jews who directed, funded, and controlled the NAACP, SNCC, CORE, SCLC, National Urban League, and Southern Poverty Law Center.” He ends by saying that “…we are forced to form a book club to assist with further research.”

TSR-2 not only details how we got in our condition but Sis. Melannee sees how this book can help us find solutions to our problems. She states:

“I have been motivated to obtain a copy and read the Talmud. References were repeatedly made to the importance of ‘Talmudic classes and or education’ by many of the individuals actively involved in the oppression and or exploitation of black people. Also, there was a quote by Dr. Jacob Neusner that the Talmud is the only religious literature that ‘explicitly outlines the economic and legal frameworks for a fully operational agrarian society‘. This framework was obviously used to re-enslave the black man and hence my curiosity was peaked. How can this information/framework be used, in a righteous manner, to help ourselves and our children out of our wretched condition?”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan had told us that we can learn a lot from the Jewish people. Sister Kemba X, MOA Jacksonville, FL described the lessons she learned from TSR-2 in relation to tactics and strategy. The Jews “…came with a bond of their community and of trade and commerce. They let nothing stop them. They were so determined that they changed their beliefs and practices of their faith.” She goes on further to state: “We in the Nation of Islam must create a strong bond of community and of trade and commerce, we must put our differences aside for the good of the community, learn to respect each other and our businesses to trade with each other, learn the art of trade and commerce, work with our sisters and brothers in our communities and let nothing or no one stop us from doing for self.”

Sister Barbara Muhammad of Byron, GA pointed out that Master Fard Muhammad “…was in and out of America for twenty years before making himself known.” She therefore asked the question: “Was he studying how the Jews’ peddling became successful among the black people?” She further points out, however: “Their peddling made our people dependent on them not independent and not to uplift our people. Minister Farrakhan gave us the Exodus Program, in essence, for us to go door to door with the Nation's products so we can be successful.” But she further pointed out that we must become “…independent for self and stand up for what's right and give our people freedom, justice and equality.”

TSR-2 has inspired members of the Ministry of Agriculture to act as well as research. Sister Anne Muhammad of Muhammad Farms in Georgia took the book and challenge personally. She says that:

“Reading the book, TSR-2, has caused me to self-examine why I do not pursue ideas that I believe will be financially rewarding and lead to a small business. Reading this book has reinforced my belief that our business success will come from focusing on our own people while at the same time trying to eliminate the middle man.”


Finally, Sister Veola Muhammad, MOA Tuscaloosa, Al, was inspired to connect the dots to discover the importance of land in our economic development approach. She states:

“I think about how much land the Black Citizens of this country would have collectively in wealth. I think of how do we acquire more land. I think of what may be the best way by which we can purchase land and build wealth. I think of how important it is to have land in every corner of these United State of America.”

We in the Ministry of Agriculture are now asking others of you who are reading “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 2” to ask yourselves the same questions that we answered: “What has reading the book, TSR-2, caused you to think, what research has it motivated you to do and what action has it motivated you to take? “

Send your one paragraph responses to me at and we will post them on and We hope that our experience with and use of TSR-2 will inspire our other Ministries to take a deep and long study of this book to further their individual and our collective goals.