Moving Melons and Produce from Muhammad Farms

Types of Melons grown at Muhammad Farms in 2003:

Left to right: Jubilee, Mardigras, Sangria, Crimson Sweet and Seedless

Unloading melons from field into Melon Shed at Muhammad Farms

July 2, 2003: Columbia Study Group picks up melons and corn at Muhammad Farms

July 5, 2003: We drove to Cincinnati Mosque #5 to deliver Melons, Squash and Sweet Corn

July 5, 2003: Doc giving instructions in Cincinnati on produce handling

July 6, 2003: We drove through Atlanta on the way back to the farm to deliver Melons to Mosque #15

July 6, 2003: We met Sis. Jamie from Nashville at  Mosque #15 Atlanta to carry melons back to Nashville

July 13, 2003: Doc delivers to Newark Mosque #25

July 20, 2003: Doc delivers to Baltimore Mosque #6

July 20, 2003: Doc delivers to Richmond Mosque #24


July 20, 2003: Doc delivers to Washington, DC Mosque #4

July 24, 2003: Doc delivers melons to Cleveland Mosque