Time for Action

Now that the background has been laid, it is time to go to work. Groups of city people and farmers must now sit together and map out a strategy for mutual benefit.

Cooperative models are available and have been working in America for decades.  The issue now is are we ready to cooperate? 

There is no "mystery god" and ain't "nobody" going to do this for us.  There will be no more slaves. Everyone must be willing to carry his or her own load.  "Yakub" is dead, so stop trying to "get over" so that we all can get out alive and well.

Black people in general and farmers in particular do not like long meetings.  However, "Freedom is a full-time job; you snooze, you lose". 

The internet can be a useful tool for communicating, but you must still meet face to face with members of the "body" at least once per month. If we will not take the time to meet, organize and work together then our doom is sealed.

Please utilize our list of  Black Farmers and Organizations on MuhammadFarms.com to get started.

Please read a letter from the President of Your Community Market on Strategies and Operation Techniques.

Peace, Doc