Visitors for 2002

Bro. Frank J and Sister Barbara J. Muhammad from Mosque 34, Durham, NC. March 15,18,19, 2002

Atlanta Sisters March 23rd, left to right: Sis. Devi, Sis. Lisa, Sis Sonjah, Sis. Barbara, Sis Valerie

Atlanta March 23rd, left to right: Bro. Larry, Bro. Dinard, Bro. U God Allah

Visitors from Atlanta on April 7th: Left to right: Patricia, Lucy, Schartie and Martha

 April 20, 2002: Bro. Lawrence Muhammad (Detroit), Sis. Chenyera Yisrael (Detroit), Bro. Edward Yeboah-Deneso (Ghana) and Sis. Nana Gifty (Detroit/Ghana)

First of all let me publicly thank Regional Captain Timothy Muhammad for his leadership in securing these great volunteers that helped transplant watermelons on May 4, 2002.  These volunteers came from Atlanta, Albany, Macon, Augusta, Birmingham, and Chattanooga.  Allah is the Greatest at Muhammad Farms.

Volunteers form Jacksonville on May 6, 2002: (Left to right) Bro.William, Bro. Michael and Bro. Johnny.

Visitors from "Agriculture and Black Survival Conference" May 26, 2002

Visitors and youth from Atlanta Mosque #15.

Mosque #25 and #7: August 22, 2002

October 26, 2002: Visitors from Cincinatti

Visitors from Macon, Ga November 9, 2002


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