Visitors to Muhammad Farms for 2001

Volunteers from Dallas, Tx August 25, 2001

Monta from Lansing, Mich camping and working for ten days at Muhammad Farms

Harvesting Sweet corn by volunteers from Jackson, Miss and Atlanta, July 15

Visitors from Macon July 7, 2001

Visitors from Atlanta June 22, 2001

Visitors from Atlanta packing squash June 21, 2001

Visitors on April 14th from Muhammad Mosque No. 15 and Study Groups from Columbus and Augusta, GA, and Huntsville, Al.


Back Row: Bros. Craig Muhammad, Tarares Muhammad, Leonard Muhammad, Arif

Muhammad and Marcus Muhammad

Front Row:  Bros. William Muhammad, Clarence Caldwell and Ridgely Muhammad

Bro. Terrence and Family from Macon, Ga May 6th

Sis. Catherine, Bro. Victor, Sis. Diane, Sis. Latifah, Bro. Victor and the children of NAJM Academy from Columbia, S.C. May 19th.

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