Why MuhammadFarms.com?

What is a community?  Since there was civilization, community was synonymous with people living close together on the land.  However, today it is hard to find people who live in the same "community" in which they were born.  We have become scattered like moths all because we did not listen to visionaries like the Honorable Marcus Garvey or the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

At one time we could at least speak to one another.  Now we all seem like strangers. Thirty years ago, for instance, there were over 30 black farmers in Terrell County Georgia alone.  Now there are only two.  When black farmers try to organize, it may take 19 counties to produce 50 farmers.

In the cities we move around like vagabonds, wary of everyone we meet.  We have lost our selves while running after the promises of corporate America in which you must move every five years, if you want to advance.

The Internet has developed in this communications void. It was not developed to be used by the common folk to organize themselves.  It was probably designed to further the gap between the information "haves and have-nots", allowing those with access to information to run faster while circling their information starved prey.  However, it can allow us to gather back the family based on common needs, ideals and ideologies.  "Virtual communities" can develop leading into opportunities for real community development.

MuhammadFarms.com is constantly evolving to be a "virtual" home for those interested in securing safe food and developing more sustainable lifestyles.  Farmers can present their products and potential buyers can express their demands.  In the process we all can learn what a community is and how to build it up.

I may not be able to catch you at home or reach you on the phone, but I can drop you an email. We can place our individual experiences on MuhammadFarms.com for all to learn from thereby pollinating the flower of a collective conscience and shared values.

MuhammadFarms.com will grow with you.

Peace, Doc