Game Changers of Minister Farrakhan

Game Changers: Evaluating Minister Farrakhan as a General

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad                                       12/9/2017

Years ago I said to Minister Farrakhan, “People should not evaluate you as an orator but as a general, because of all the moves that you make on time.” He said, “Well brother, I cannot take credit for that. I am guided by Allah and His Christ.” You could have bought me with a nickel, because I should have known that. I feel sorry for The Minister because we are too blind to see what he has and is doing to divert the enemy’s planned attacks on Black people. We who know a little about his effects on our people and the government need to explain the science of what is going down. The white man is no longer the god of this world. Another God is on the scene and Minister Farrakhan is His Hand in real time. Buckle up because the ride has just begun. God and Satan are at War over us.

Below are bullet points of events in this war called Game Changers:

Game Changer 1: ‘Stop the Killing’ October 06, 1989

“We have met with gang leaders in Los Angeles and San Diego,” the Nation’s Western regional representative, Abdul Wazir Muhammad, told a press conference Thursday. “They have said that if the minister will talk to them, they would stop all killing activity for that day and, we pray God, forever.”


Game Changer 2: Oct. 24, 1989 Press Conference Transcript: “The Announcement”

Oct. 24, 1989 Press Conference Transcript: “The Announcement”

“You may come against me, which you are free to do, since we have no power to stop you, but I warn you, that I am backed by the Power of Allah (God) and His Christ and the Power of that Wheel in which I received this Announcement. The moment you attempt or lay your hands on me the fullness of Allah’s (God’s) Wrath will descend upon you and upon America.

Before you will be able to establish your mockery of me (if that is what you wish to do) for what was revealed to me in the Wheel you will see these wheels, or what you call UFOs, in abundance over the major cities of America and the calamities that America is presently experiencing will increase in number and in intensity that you might humble yourselves to the Warning contained in this Announcement.”

Oct. 24, 1989 Press Conference Transcript: “The Announcement”


Game Changer 3 If Jesus was here, he could not have been more merciful to Qubilah Shabazz:

Malcolm X’s Widow Hails Farrakhan

May 07, 1995

“Minister Farrakhan, may the God of our forefathers forever guide you on your journey,” Betty Shabazz said to cheers from more than 1,000 people at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

She also thanked Farrakhan for his “gentle words of assurance” for her daughter, Qubilah Shabazz, who was accused in January of hiring a hit man to kill Farrakhan. Farrakhan has defended Qubilah Shabazz, saying be believes she was entrapped by a federal informant.


Game Changer 4: Farrakhan warns Bush after 9/11 that Bush could unite the Muslim world:

Letter of warning to President George Bush: December 1, 2001

Afghanistan is only a preliminary to a much wider war which is already planned, and this war also has a home front aspect as well. Should you persist in this, you will do what no Islamic Leader is able to do. No leader of any Muslim nation can call for Jihad or Holy War and cause the Muslim world to obey that call. The only one who can call for such is one who sits in the position of Khalifah or successor of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Since the destruction of the Caliphate of Islam by corruption within the ranks of Islam, and European machinations; the rise of nationalism among Muslim nations has made it difficult and nearly impossible to unify the Arab and Muslim world on the question of Jihad. However, Mr. President, if you follow what you have in your mind, which many of those around you are encouraging you to do, then, you will do what Osama Bin Ladin and no Muslim extremist could ever do.


Game Changer 5: When The Messenger left in 1975, Wallace was put in the seat. Min. Farrakhan did not fight the decision. If he had challenged that decision there would have been a war between factions in the NOI.


Game Changer 6:1985 Min. Farrakhan had his vision like experience on The Wheel. We were taught that the devil’s time was up in 1914, but he was given a 70 year reprieve: 1914+70=1984.

What would have happened if the Mother Plane showed up in 1985, if Min. Farrakhan was not on his post? Min. Farrakhan was the “mercy”. We were given another chance because he was on his post.


Game Changer 7: In 1994 at the first Men’s Only in NYC on January 24, Minister Farrakhan announced the MMM. The roar from the brothers was so loud that later that same Saturday night the Senate went into special session to produce “three strikes you’re out” to round up Black men. Clinton announced this as a part of his new “Crime Bill” on the following Tuesday’s State of the Union Address.

Game Changer 8: A week before the MMM Min. Farrakhan was on a news program and was asked about Collin Powell. The Minister said, “Oh yes, I talked to my brother.” Cokie Roberts then asked “What did you all talk about?” At this time in 1995 Collin Powell was being prepared to run for either President or Vice-President on the Republican ticket for 1996. Min. Farrakhan responded and said: “We talked about a number of things.” “Is he coming to the MMM?” “Well, I don’t know, but I told him he was welcomed because any general has a right to come and look at his soldiers.” Right then Collin Powell was eliminated as a candidate, because white folk could not trust him. If Collin Powell became president, he would have been a prime candidate for an assassination to be blamed on the Nation of Islam as was done with Malcolm X. A grave site and pavilion were already planned for him, all blocked by Farrakhan.


Game Changer 9: Warith Deen’s Brother, Emmanuel died in 1999. The two Muslim families came together at the funeral. Warith Deen came to 2000 Saviours’ Day and donated $5,000 to NOI. This initiated different American Muslims sects coming together. February 2001 Saviours’ Day in L.A. Minister Farrakhan announced the coming together of the Muslim family. The “9/11” false flag operation was the government and Israel’s response.


Game Changer 10: On 9/11/01 as WTC buildings were coming down, Min. Farrakhan sends out letters to NOI members chosen to be part of a Nation of Islam Restructuring Commission 9/11/01. As one world was going down another was coming up on the same day. Then in December The Minister sends a letter to Bush warning him that he could be the person to unite the Muslim world.


Game Changer 11: In 2002 Daniel Perle was captured by Al Qada. The Movie on Muhammad Ali came out and they asked Muhammad Ali about Daniel Perle. Ali said,”We hope the captors of Mr. Perle would treat him as they would wish to be treated, if they were captured.” They killed Perle so the logic was the Muslims wanted to be dealt with in the same violent mode. The Minister popped up out of nowhere on CNN and said, “We want Perle to be released and this is why: Because the Holy Qur’an is a book that teaches us how to act in both peace and war. In war if you have a non-combatant that was captured, you are not to kill him. If these people who have captured him are Muslims and believe in the Holy Qur’an, then they would not kill him.” Farrakhan saved us against our enemies associating us with the killers of Perle, because they seem to not believe in the Holy Qur’an as we do.


Game Changer 12: After President Obama was elected in 2008, Min. Farrakhan warned America not to “hamstring the she camel” and not to touch Obama because our God would punish America severely. This threw a monkey wrench into their plans to assassinate him and blame it on The Minister and the NOI. Even after Qaddafi was killed, The Minister guided us around that trap.


Game Changer 13: On August 17, 2014 The Minister said that if they roll those tanks out in the Black neighborhood on Chicago like they did in Ferguson on August 16th, he and his white brother, Father Pfleger were going to walk hand in hand in front of those tanks. That was checkmate on the enemy’s plans to start a race war. They could not shoot Farrakhan down on the street and they could not retreat. Therefore they had to pull back on militarizing the police and the international bankers like Soros could not sink the American economy and blame it on a race war. Instead on Jan. 21, 2016 Soros and his banker boys tried to cause a financial panic in China, but the Chinese president put a freeze on selling stocks or currency, jamming the international speculators up. One move by Farrakhan saved the world from chaos once again.


Game Changer 14: In 1998 Student Minister Ava Muhammad became the first female Minister to preside over a mosque and region in the history of the NOI or world of Islam, period. Her job as national spokesperson for Minister Farrakhan is among the most prominent in the nation — a post formerly held by Malcolm X under Nation of Islam patriarch Elijah Muhammad. Minister Ava Muhammad is also a member of the Muslim Girls Training (MGT). In addition to administering day-to-day affairs at the mosque, she was named Southern Regional Minister, giving her jurisdiction over Nation of Islam mosque activity in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and parts of Tennessee. This officially ended the 6,000 year old male chauvinist position of holding the woman back and launched a new dynamic in male/female relationships.


Game Changer 15: Minister Farrakhan’s World Friendship Tour after the Million Man March connected us to our people around the world. As long as the devil could portray us as animals worthy of death, America could slaughter us with little censure. But Allah saved us by showing the world that we are redeemable. The world also showed Black America that Minister Farrakhan is loved by the world and is seen as the legitimate leader of Black America by just about everybody outside of the US. 2 million Black men saying “Allah-u-Akbar” on the steps of the Capitol of the US was fulfilling prophecy and showing the Scientists of the East that Master Fard Muhammad had worked a Miracle in America.


Game Changer 16: In 1995 The Minister held the MMM plus started farming 1600 acre farm in Georgia. From 1996 to 2000 the government slashed commodity prices in half to make sure we could not make a profit from farming. Then the government in 1997 set up a fake Black farmer lawsuit to give them false hope in the American justice system and to keep them from uniting with Minister Farrakhan’s Agricultural Program.


Game Changer 17: On April 4, 1997 Hailing rap artists as “soldiers of God,” Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan called for a truce Thursday between East and West Coast rappers. An audience at the Salaam restaurant here was filled with the biggest names in rap–Ice Cube, Snoop Doggy Dog, Tha Dogg Pound–as well as civil rights leaders Ben Chavis Muhammad and Kwame Toure (formerly Stokley Carmichael) who listened as Farrakhan talked of forgiveness in the wake of the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.

“The east and the west have come together,” he said. “As of this day all of the insults that have been heaped on one another have ceased and they will forgive one another.” This was the meeting that P. Diddy mentioned on late night TV a few months ago, but failed to mention who orchestrated that truce, Minister Farrakhan.

Game Changer 18: According to Brother Reuben in Australia the words of The Minister went out announcing/calling the MMM into existence. The “wise ones” among the rulers in Australia, “realise” what is about to happen, (That the prophecy of Lazarus(Black Man) rising from the dead & is about to take place on October 16th 1995 and that JESUS (The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan ) fame will spread throughout THE WORLD. The world includes Australia. So The Minister’s words caused them to pause & stop the continuing genocide of Black people in Australia and attempt to “make amends”. The Australian government quickly, within 9 months, tried to begin to address the wrongs that they did to Aboriginal Black people for the last 200 years, but specifically the stealing of their children from 1910-1970, the stolen generation. This was brought about by the highest law office in the land/continent, The Attorney General’s office.

Note: The Attorney General made his first “REQUEST” & laid out the terms of reference on the Birthday of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, ON 11 MAY 1995.


Game Changer 19: Minister Farrakhan in Mosque Maryam in 2009 spoke on “the crucifixion of Michael Jackson”. That speech alone changed the public image of Michael Jackson. The Jews crapped all on Michael Jackson as a child molester. But brother Farrakhan spoke nothing but the truth of the life of Michael Jackson. He destroyed all of the negative images and propaganda of Michael Jackson that was created by the Jew’s. He gave us as black people insight into the mind and heart of Michael Jackson. And showed us why they hated him so much. Now Black people remember our dear brother on a higher frequency. A true gift of God.  Farrakhan factor.

Game Changer 20: When Minister Farrakhan decided in 1977 to rebuild the Nation of Islam, he did not speak to the press for seven years while he studied all the steps of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and he asked questions and sought the counsel of everyone who have been taught by the Messenger with the utmost humility so that he would do the right things. His silence was curtailed when he predicted that Jesse Jackson’s life was in danger as he ran for the presidency of the USA in 1984 and he had the FOI guarding him. He came out of the Shadows into the media Spotlight after that seven year. Jesse is alive today and the rest is history.(smile)

Game Changer 21: When Minister Farrakhan stepped from the shadows in 1984 to defend Jesse Jackson, the Jews pounced on him. They shouted “Who do we want? Farrakhan! How do we want him? Dead!” This awakened the spirit of research in those who loved Minister Farrakhan to find out why the Jews hated him so much. We had thought that the Jews were friends to the Civil Rights movement and we could even eat their “kosher” foods. Little did we know the secret wars that they had been engaged in against Black people since 1470 on the island of Sao Tome. Starting in 1989 the Historical Research Team of the Nation of Islam has published three volumes on “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews.” What started off as a threat against a Black man’s life has turned into the exposure of “the man of sin.”


Game Changer 22: Minister Farrakhan’s 1987 speech  “The reality of the mother wheel” had far reaching effects. Fast forward to 2013. Brother Ilia Rashad Muhammad produced a book that gives hard data on the reality of the wheel, names and places. That book is a offensive weapon in the defense of one of the core beliefs of Mr Muhammad teachings. That speech gave rise to our brother doing the extensive research to defend us against those who seek to try to mock us. He gave brother Farrakhan and us one hell of a weapon in that book. And all of this came out of that speech on the mother wheel in 87.

Game Changer 23: In 2008 at the “Millions for Reparations” mass rally Minister Farrakhan said, “We cannot accept a cash payment because a fool and his money will soon part…As a nation within a nation, we need land as a basis of economic and political independence…We cannot settle for some little jive token – we need millions of acres of land that black people can build and use for ourselves.” This effectively ended the governments plot to offer cash settlements to individuals the way they did with the Black farmers in the Pigford vs Glickman lawsuit. In fact the lawyer for the Black farmers, Al Pires, was brought onto the “Reparations Dream Team” where he was leading that group to demand cash settlements. Based on Minister Farrakhan expressing a clear vision of what “reparations” should look like, the reparations leadership had to squash that scheme.

(comment) In 2014 at the Reparations Conference Minister Farrakhan explained that under “reparatory justice” you must go at the root of the mindset of the enemy that put Black people in our condition. You must know what damage was done and how to repair the damages. The enemy promised us “wealth and nearness to him”. The collaborators must be exposed and punished. We had a Black president and got nothing.  We must know what to ask for and have the power to hurt them if they do not respond appropriately. God has the power to punish America and our other enemies as exemplified in the disappearance of Flight 370.

Game Changer 24: In 1993 Bill Clinton just became the new president. And as NAFTA was in its planning stage, Minister Farrakhan in his Torchlight for America speech laid out a blue print platform that at that time Black America could use to navigate against the  repercussions of NAFTA. Plus in his book was also a guidelines for the Nation of Islam to study on the principles of building a successful thriving nation. Satan knew what NAFTA was going to do to the working poor in America, so Minister Farrakhan gave us a mirror on how the government should work for the people.

Game Changer 25: In 1998 the Minister was invited to Russia and Daghestan by the white Russian Muslims. This was an opportunity for the Minister to unite the N.O.I. with that part of the Muslim World. The Minister was received as a King of Peace by these white Muslims putting the fake revelation of Malcolm X about being deceived by Elijah Muhammad about white Muslims to rest. In response, the wicked government of Russia tried unsuccessfully to kill him and his team. America and Russia are united over the idea of killing the Messiah.

Game Changer 26: On May 3, 2004, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. His title was Guidance in a Time of Trouble. In this speech he introduced the world to the “hidden hands” called the Neo-Conservatives or Neo-cons! He listed all of the members and the objectives of their collaborations under the organization Policy for a New American Century! No white controlled media organization had ever mentioned the word Neo-con prior to The Minister’s press conference! Afterwards, he gave them (media) the strength to start publicly talking about members of this group and how they used their money and influence to advance their agenda. Bill Clinton did not play by the script so they embarrassed him and exposed his proclivities to ugly white women like Monica Lewinsky, a CIA plant. George Bush II read the script like it was written hence we got 9/11 and The Patriot’s Act which the Policy for A New American Century had written in 1997 for Bill Clinton to enact. This all was revealed by The Minister in the press conference. Farrakhan is a man with “testicles”!

Game Changer 27: 1994 Min. Farrakhan sets up Local Organizing Committees (LOCs) across the country headed by local Christian preachers. He also went around to Christian churches teaching “Jesus”. This outreach to the Black Christian community turned out to be a protective shield against the future 9/11 false flag operation 7 years latter in 2001. Everybody knew that that was not the NOI.

Game Changer 28: In 2005 at the Millions More Movement Minister Farrakhan staged a referendum on Nationhood and asked the almost one million attendees if they wanted a Ministry of Agriculture, a Ministry of Arts and Culture, a Ministry of Defense, a Ministry of Justice, a Ministry of Trade and Commerce, a Ministry of Information, a Ministry of Health and Human Services, a Ministry of Science and Technology and a Ministry of Education. Everyone agreed on the need for these 9 ministries which will stand as the governing mechanism for a Nation as we move towards a separate territory of our own.


Game Changer 29: Just before 10/10/15 brother Farrakhan spoke at the national Native American convention. We must remember this is before the Standing Rock incident. That speech in the light of their darkness managed to unite those who were there in unity. All of the tribes became united for the first time in years over a single issue.   Each tribe that year had a representative at that conference who heard what Minister Farrakhan said in person. That speech caused them to see the bigger picture to have unity preparing for Standing Rock 2016. Farrakhan factor.

Game Changer 30: At 10/10/15 “Justice or else” Minister Farrakhan gave our youth a weapon to bring some “pain” to our enemies, “the boycott”. The next month we saw our young black student athletes at Missouri take a stand inspired by the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March: Justice or Else ….. The Black athletes realized that they had power to defend the lives of Black people through refusing to play or entertain white folk. This led eventually to Colin Kaepernick taking a knee forcing Trump to respond. Trump escalated the debate and players took a knee all over America.

Notice the date in this report:



Game Changer 31: Minister Farrakhan held 2 definitive Plenary sessions on “9/11” at Saviours’ Day in 2012 and 2017. The first one in 2012 focused on the science of “9/11” where he brought scientists and engineers to prove that planes did not destroy the 3 towers in the World Trade Center in NYC but internally placed explosives did.

Game Changer 32: In the first plenary session on “9/11” in 2012 who did it was not addressed,  but in February of 2017, a few days after Trump was inaugurated, Minister Farrakhan brought 3 scholars to Detroit who pinned the “tail on the donkey” and the trail led to Israel. The snake was traced back to its cave and now Israel is exposed and the world knows. So now we must be concerned with Israel’s nuclear arsenal and its “Sampson Option” which our God can implode.


Game Changer 34: At 10/10/15 Minister Farrakhan instructed us to “Boycott and Redirect.” Now major retail stores are closing and according to a CBS report Black Friday sales have plummeted 24% since 2015. Read:

Game Changer 35: Oct 14, 2012 HDOA Minister gives Obama balls to fight Mitt Romney.,_2012


October 3: First presidential debate (University of Denver)

A Gallup poll found that 72% of the debate watchers believed Romney was the clear winner, 20% believed that Obama had won, and 9% believed it was a tie or had no opinion; the widest margin of victory for any presidential debate in Gallup history.


October 14: Minister Farrakhan gives Obama pep talk in his HDOA speech on Sunday in Charlotte (see below)


October 16: Second presidential debate (Hofstra University)

A CNN poll of debate watchers found that 46% of respondents believed that Obama had done better, 39% believed that Romney had done better, and 11% had no opinion or believed they tied


October 22: Third presidential debate (Lynn University)

A CBS poll of uncommitted voters found that 53% believed that Obama won, 23% believed that Romney won, and 24% called the debate a tie.

“And, “who won the debate?”  Some say Mitt Romney did:  “Oh, he beat up Obama!”—but you don’t care that Mitt Romney lied!  You don’t care that he misspoke!  It just was a “great performance”—a great, lying performance, on a night when the brother was off-base.

Well, dear president:  You have to remember you are fighting for your presidential life.  You’re fighting for the vision that you have for the Democratic Party, and, for the country!  President Obama, you said there are “two distinct paths that are diametrically opposed; different”—this is what you said!  Then if you’re willing to fight for your vision, then during the second presidential debate on October 16, 2012:  Come out ready to fight for what you believe is in the best interest of the country; and maybe, you can regain your place!”

Obama listened and won the next 2 debates and the rest is history.

Game Changer 36: November 16, 2017 Minister Farrakhan holds press conference in Washington, DC at the Watergate Hotel. Among the many powerful things he said was again recounting his experience in 1985 on The Wheel. He also said that these Wheels would be seen all over America. One month later, December 16, 2017, the New York Times admits their existence and the ongoing secret government programs to study them in the article “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program”.

In this article they admitted:

“Internationally, we are the most backward country in the world on this issue,” Mr. Bigelow said in an interview. “Our scientists are scared of being ostracized, and our media is scared of the stigma. China and Russia are much more open and work on this with huge organizations within their countries. Smaller countries like Belgium, France, England and South American countries like Chile are more open, too.”

And most importantly Mr. Elizondo, in his resignation letter of Oct. 4, said there was a need for more serious attention to “the many accounts from the Navy and other services of unusual aerial systems interfering with military weapon platforms and displaying beyond-next-generation capabilities.”

In the words of M.C. Hammer, they “can’t touch this”. So the enemies and detractors of The Minister and the NOI are in the valley of decision, submit and life or fight us and die.

Thank You Minister Farrakhan for 62 Years of Dedicated Service: Click here to donate to him in my name:

Game Changer 37: August 31, 2018 Minister Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral.

He stole the show and exposed his prophetic enemies by fulfilling scripture and never saying a “mumbling word”. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we present 4,000 words below. The so-called Jews hate him because he has exposed them as the “man of sin” walking around claiming to be the Chosen of God. They stole the Black man and woman’s place as receiving the Promise of God to Abraham’s Seed. They had Jesus killed 2,000 years ago and intend to kill the Messiah today. Minister Farrakhan just showed up on stage and brought them to rage. They wage a relentless war against him on their every page. Die in your rage because the Saviour will Save.



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