The Crisis in Black Leadership

The Crisis in Black Leadership

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad                                 November 19, 2019

            I posted this on my Facebook Page, “How is it that young Black men can work together as a team in Sports but not in Life.” I got a lot of good and thoughtful responses. But let me tell you what inspired that post.

            I like football but I decided to stop looking at the NFL for a number of reasons, so I do a double dose of college football. Oklahoma has a Black quarterback, Jalen Hurts, that was a starter for Alabama who was pushed out of his position by a very dynamic brown young phenom. I liked Jalen Hurts because he seemed to be mature beyond his age, never too hyped and never too down. In the ball game against the previously undefeated Baylor Tigers, he made three crucial errors, one interception and two fumbles. These mistakes led to touchdowns and put Oklahoma behind by 25 points. The commentators said that they could not remember Oklahoma ever being behind by 25 points, much less down by 25 and coming back to win.

            I started to look at another game and give up on Jalen, but I decided to sit it out. Sure, enough this young man put the team on his back even though his star receiver was out for the game because of an injury. He passed, he ran, he ran through linebackers, he scored, over and over again, until Oklahoma came back and won by 3 points.

            After the game, he was interviewed by a beautiful Black woman, who asked him how did it feel to have accomplished something that had never been done before at Oklahoma. She was stroking his ego. However, Jalen immediately apologized to his teammates for letting them down and putting them so far behind. Then he praised the defense for keeping it close. Then he praised the offensive line for giving him protection so he could complete the necessary passes. He praised the young receivers for stepping up and acting like veterans.

            A Rapper would have gone off talking about “I’m the greatest ever been!!!” or “I’m an Individu-el, uh huh, uh huh!!!” What is the difference between the two? Number one, a football quarterback is not just a performer, he must be a leader. His teammates must believe in him that if they do their part, he will do his and thus they all can win. A good quarterback, who is a leader, knows that if he gets the big head and leaves his team behind, that offensive line will not block for his behind and he’ll be laying on the ground crying. The rapper his full of his damned Brown Germ self, led by a desire to be a “star” all by his dumb self.

            So why can’t our Black male leaders be more like the Black quarterbacks instead of the rappers promoting their self. We have been taught in the Nation of Islam that a Black man, Yakub, found a problem in the sperm of the Black man. He found a weaker person lurking in the Black man that was prone to selfishness and lawlessness. He framed it the Brown Germ in deference to the Black Germ. In Kemet (Ancient Egypt), our ancestors talked about the war going on in the body between two personalities, Osiris (Black) and Set (Red).

Yakub “learned from studying the germ of the black man, under the microscope, that there were two people in him, and that one was black, the other brown.” (TMHEM)

“This new idea put him to work finding the necessary converts to begin grafting his new race of people. He began by teaching Islam, with promises of luxury to those who would believe and follow him.

As Mr. Yakub continued to preach for converts, he told his people that he would make the others work for them.

(This promise came to pass). Naturally, there are always some people around who would like to have others do their work. Those are the ones who fell for Mr. Yakub’s teaching, 100 per cent.” (p.112-113. MTBM)

            There are some key points given in these few words by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. First of all, Yakub taught Islam to Black people and promised them that if they followed him, he would “make others work for them.” This idea of getting others to do their work indicates that they felt that they were “better” which is a key indicator of a devil, who wants to abuse people for his benefit.

            Yakub was successful in producing a race of white devils from those 59,999 Black devils that followed him to Pelon (Patmos). These white devils were given 6,000 years to rule. Their time was up in 1914, so why are they still here and in power? The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Master Fard Muhammad built a great Mother Wheel which was launched in 1929 and could destroy America in 12 hours. Many of the detractors of the Nation of Islam say, “Well bring it on. Call out the wheels and destroy America, since you all say she is so evil.”

            Why did Yakub make the devil race? What were we supposed to learn from this great experiment? In our lessons we were taught about a God who blew the Moon away from the Earth in his attempt to destroy everybody, because he could not get them to speak the same dialect. He was a pure egotistical, Brown Germ dominated nut.

After we rebuilt civilization, We put laws in place with strict physical consequences to those who would break those laws. However, sooner or later, our societies would go astray, deviate and self-destruct. Yakub felt that by putting this Brown germ in charge of the Black nation, we would learn about the defect from which it was made and therefore work to, not just get rid of the product, but the source.

            So now Black people in America complain about the inhumane and racist society which we live in where “Black lives don’t matter.” The Nation of Islam was started by Master Fard Muhammad in 1930. He chose Elijah Poole to be His protégée or special student to continue His work. He was given the name Elijah Muhammad and went across the country spreading Islam. He raised up teachers from his converts to spread this word. However, he said that he was having troubles with his Laborers (students chosen to be at the front of the class). They began to compete with each other and even him for leadership of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X, Detroit Red, called Satan in prison, is The Example of a Black man, turned and dominated by his Brown Germ. Study him and stop acting like him towards your brother soldiers. We want to win this damn game, not you to seek Fame and burn up in Flame.

             Our young Black quarterbacks do a better job of controlling their ego than most of us so-called Black leaders do. Get your ego out of the damn way and let’s Play this Game to be the Victors in this Judgement Day. Count your chips on the other side of the Victory in the Hereafter, after we Win. I want to be a part of a Nation of Gods, not a Big Head laying in a shallow grave.

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  1. I love the fact that you discerned this lesson while watching college football. Very insightful and inspiring. I hope to use this perspective in my own life. We know that “rugged individualism” is an ego-tripping trap and that we can accomplish more if we combine our efforts while working toward our common goals. This was also the message in the movie “Drumline.”

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