Egypt is the Prize

Volume 2, Number 1                                             March 18, 2003

K.R.I.S.T. Newsletter


Egypt is the Prize

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad

Grand strategy for the Middle East

— Iraq is the tactical pivot

— Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot

Egypt the prize

This above quotation was taken from a document prepared by a consultant from the Rand Corporation and presented to members of President George W. Bush’s cabinet in August of 2002.

The present world crisis and the seeming insanity of President Bush’s determination to go to war in the Middle East lets me know that the time is at hand. Many analysts and especially Black people think that Bush and other so-called white people are motivated only by greed and power. “Iraq is the tactical pivot”, why? In 2001 Iraq is estimated as having the second largest known oil reserves in the world. “Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot”, why? Saudi Arabia has the largest known oil reserves. “Egypt the prize”, why? Egypt is NOT among the top ten countries in terms of oil reserves. What does Egypt have that America would boldly, illegally and blindly walk through two other countries to get?

Another serious issue in the Middle East is the war between Israel and the Palestinians. What is that all about? Let’s look at these four countries, Israel, Iraq, Arabia and Egypt from a historical point of view. These countries are squarely in the center of what is called the “cradle of civilization”. There is great debate over whether “civilization” started in Iraq or Egypt. All of the three major western religions claim their birth place in this area. Jerusalem is sacred to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Sacred Ka’aba is in Arabia, but the major Islamic universities were set up in Egypt and Iraq.

According to the Bible and Holy Quran, Moses left Egypt carrying with him the wisdom of that civilization; Jesus was raised and educated in Egypt but taught in Palestine. However, the Bible and Holy Qur’an seem to give Egypt a very bad reputation, yet there is something about Egypt that requires would-be world Emperors to come and sit on her throne to be crowned with legitimacy.

The Persian conquerors in the time of Darius and Xerxes set on the throne of Kemet (Land of the Blacks) and called themselves “Pharaoh”. Later the Greeks led by Alexander set on the throne of Kemet and called themselves “Pharaoh”. Then the Romans set on the throne and called themselves “Caesar” coming from the word “Ausar” (Osiris, the founder of civilization in Kemet). After being raised up by Islam, the Arabs conquered Egypt, learned how to read, write and count and became the purveyors of science to the western world thanks to her libraries. Napoleon came to sit on the throne of Egypt and was highly upset with the broad flat nose of the Sphinx and tried to blow her nose off. Just recently at the dawn of a new millennium, a group of “enlightened ones”, intellectually fed by what Napoleon stole from there, tried unsuccessfully to put a capstone on the Great Pyramid to claim the new millennium for the “great white race.”

The secret societies in the western world whether they call themselves Masons, Shriners, Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones or Illuminati, all try to claim Egypt as the mother and Imhotep the father of their illegitimate wisdom. I say illegitimate because they acquired it through theft and yet try to hide this knowledge from the masses of people who need enlightenment. At the same time that these Caucasians, albinos, have been trying to both claim and unlock Egypt, the poor African people have been all but stripped of the whole country with geo-politicians labeling Egypt as a part of the “Middle East” instead of Africa. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated by Arabs because he dared to bring Egypt back into Africa, himself being both Arab and Nubian.

Sadat also told the so-called Jews of Israel that they did NOT help build the pyramids and were NEVER enslaved in Egypt. He upset both the Arabs and the Zionists in Israel by saying that “the Arabs and Jews were cousins fighting over territory that historically belonged to the Africans” and not them. Now if that was to get out to the America public, I wonder if Israel would continue to get the lion’s share of foreign aid which helps them secure their claim over Palestine which NEVER belonged to them in the first place. Egypt has always frighten those who would lay claim to Palestine.

So to make a long story short, “Egypt is the Prize” because as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us, “if you want to see the remnants of when the Black man and woman were the God of this planet, then go to Egypt.” Egypt or Kemet was the seat of a world empire when Black people ruled the world and the new comers, who call themselves the “white race”, can never claim supremacy until they get back into the Holy Land (Garden of Eden), from which they were kicked out of 6,000 years ago, and sit their illegitimate behinds on the “Seat of Isis”.

This land of Egypt was chosen to be the seat of the world empire thousands of years ago because of its location connecting two continents, Asia and Africa. The Suez Canal is now one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world in terms of commercial trade and military sea power.

Wars are fought to subjugate the minds and wills of people. Resources are used to buy support, while weapons are used to intimidate nations into submitting to economic slavery. Rulers are concerned with what people think and do everyday including what they bow down to. Human energy is more valuable than oil. Truth increases the power of the mind, while lies cripple the mind’s potential allowing it to be dominated by those with knowledge. Words can produce spiritual energy or spiritual death.

The secret true identity of the Black man has been kept from the minds of the people, so that the impostor can continue his rule over them. Over the past decade too many Black people from America have visited Egypt, seen those wide noses on the Kings and Queens of Kemet and have become more difficult to handle by the impostor. The impostor’s rule is just about over and the “stone that the builders rejected” is about to be the “headstone of the corner.”

“Egypt is the prize”, because today the control of trade and information is the key to world domination. The most valuable piece of information is the knowledge of self and others. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have been teaching the knowledge of self and others since the 1930s. When will we learn our lessons and act accordingly? Maybe “Pharaoh” Bush can help us understand the value of what we rejected, as he charges after the “Prize” that we think so little of, “the Knowledge of Self.”



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