Walking in President Mandela’s Shoes


Walking in President Mandela’s Shoes

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min  Muhammad          12/18/2013

Since the passing of our great brother South African President Nelson Mandela, whose real name is Madiba Mandela, there has been a lot of debate on what should be his legacy.  Some see the tremendous wealth of a few and the poverty of so many Blacks in South Africa as a sign that Mr. Mandela should have fought for more economic reform instead of political power.  However, when you are waging a war against a ruthless enemy, there are a lot of factors a wise leader must take into consideration.

Brother Jackie Muhammad in his article “Sanitizing Mandela” made it very clear that Bro. Mandela was a revolutionary and not just a “reconciler.” Mr. Muhammad writes: “He believed in the violent overthrow of his oppressors. After the famous Sharpeville Massacre of 1960, Mandela co-founded the formation of Umkhono we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) which functioned as the armed wing of the ANC.”  For this militant stance Mr. Mandela sat in prison for 27 years from 1963 to 1990 and he never ruled out violence as an option for the liberation of his people.

However, a lot of things can change in 27 years especially when it comes to weapons of mass destruction.  By 1990 the white government of South Africa had 6 operational nuclear bombs.

WWW.Foreignaffairs.com published on their website a 1993 article written By J. W. de VilliersRoger Jardine and Mitchell Reiss entitled “Why South Africa Gave Up The Bomb”. In it they wrote “President F. W. de Klerk declared to a special joint session of the South African parliament on March 24, 1993, that ‘at one stage South Africa did develop a limited nuclear deterrent capability,’ but ‘early in 1990 final effect was given to decisions that all the nuclear devices should be dismantled and destroyed.’”


Interestingly, Nelson Mandela was released from prison “early in 1990”, February 11th, to be exact. There was a lot going on at that time that could topple the apartheid regime in South Africa, both from within and without. There were economic embargos against SA, protests in the USA and Europe against apartheid. Cuba was aiding the Blacks in Angola in a successful military struggle against their white oppressors and Robert Mugabe had waged a successful war of liberation ending in 1979 taking Rhodesia from the whites and giving the Blacks Zimbabwe as their country.


Now we know that South Africa with the aid of Israel developed nuclear weapons as a deterrent against a military assault on its domination of the majority Black population and control of farm land and mineral resources.  According to the above mentioned article, the South African government officially, but secretly decided to develop nuclear weapons in October of 1978.  History now reveals that they were secretly getting technical information and materials from another nation, Israel, that was secretly producing nuclear weapons while lying to the world community.  On November 26, 2013 movie producer Arnon Milchan gave a lengthy interview revealing that he secretly worked for an Israeli agency that negotiated arms deals and supported Israel‘s secret nuclear weapons project.  Apparently Milchan was recruited in the 1960s to setup secret bank accounts to fund the Dimona nuclear plant. (http://www.businessinsider.com/arnon-milchan-hollywood-produce-israeli-arms-dealer-2011-7)


According to writer Robert Windrem in a December 8, 2013 NBC news report, Milchan in the late 1970s negotiated a deal in which South Africa supplied 600 tons of uranium to Israel in return for 30 grams of tritium, used to detonate nuclear weapons.  So now that this secret has been revealed we must reconsider an allegation supplied by the London branch of the ANC in which they claimed South Africa had planned to use nuclear weapons on its own Black population. They said they had obtained maps that were produced by the South African military. This set of maps, with transparent overlays, clearly show concentrations of the Black population and proposes where a neutron bomb might be used and the resulting areas of contamination. Neutron bombs are designed to kill humans while inflicting minimum damage to property according to Jane Hunter’s, Israeli Foreign Policy: South Africa and Central America (Boston: Southend Press, 1987), pp. 34-5


I wonder how we would act in his shoes as we tried to negotiate some type of reasonable treaty with these black race hating white folk in light of their threat to drop 6 neutron bombs on Black densely populated areas and all we had were some machetes and cap pistols?  I think Mr. Mandel did a masterful job at negotiating a peace in light of him not having any type of weapon to protect his people.  We Blacks in America also need to be separated from our enemies and we know that they are as evil, powerful and hateful as South Africa and Israel.  However, we are thankful to have as our champion the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who has the backing of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad, who are on a most powerful weapon of mass destruction. Some call it Ezekiel’s wheel, some try to say it is some type of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). We just call her the Mother Plane armed with 1500 baby planes fully armed and ready for the “final battle in the sky.”

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