The Judgment of the Jews Civilization is NOW

The Judgment of the Jew’s Civilization is NOW

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad    3/10/18

  • “Jesus came to the Jews and not to us and then he got disappointed that he was ahead of the time of the Jews to preach the doctrine of the destruction or judgment and the setting up of a New Kingdom of Heaven after the destruction of the Jew’s civilization. Jesus was born two thousand years ahead of the judgment of the Jews.” (Muhammad 1992: 166)

Let us recap what is going on here. First of all this movie comes out in 1992 called “Malcolm X”. At that time The Messenger was no longer present and Malcolm was dead. In fact the Nation of Islam that Malcolm and Elijah were a part of had been COMPLETELY dismantled. It was cold dead. Then Minister Farrakhan sets up a completely NEW Nation of Islam starting in 1977 using the same Teachings that started the original Nation of Islam in 1931. He stays under the radar in the rebuilding process for 7 years. He springs back in the public when Jesse Jackson was running for president the first time in 1984. Jews had threatened Jesse’s life, so Farrakhan stepped forward and offered the services of the FOI to protect Jesse. That is when the Jews chanted in 1985 outside of Madison Square Garden, “Who do we want! Farrakhan! How do we want him? Dead.” There were 25,000 Black folk inside the Garden and another 25,000 outside.

Now fast-forward, Minister Farrakhan tours the country in the late 80s and early 90s to crowds of thousands. There was nobody that could defeat Farrakhan in the pulpits, in interviews or in the streets. Then this movie comes out in 1992 called “Malcolm X”. I was in Greensboro, NC on the outside of the movie theater where there were cars of cops waiting outside in case there was fighting between those who loved Farrakhan and Elijah and those who were just introduced to Malcolm x. Nobody fought but they looked a bit bewildered.

Then the Jews even tried to get Betty Shabazz to denounce Farrakhan. However, they reconciled and she even spoke at the Million Man March. Two years later in 1997 she was supposedly killed by her grandson, Malcolm. The Nation of Islam is growing by leaps and bounds in spite of the movie “Malcolm X” which was full of lies. So much so that Betty Shabazz said that it was a “piece of shit.”

Okay Islam gets many converts and then here comes “9/11” and all Muslims are labeled as “terrorists.” The NOI withstood that assault. Then in 2012 Minister Farrakhan institutes the Muhammad Economic Blueprint. Immediately after that the Jews go in the studio and produce a TV movie called “Betty and Coretta'” which was first aired in January of 2013 where they have Sister Betty claiming that Farrakhan was responsible for her husband’s murder. Mind you now, Betty died 16 years earlier.

DO YOU GET THE PICTURE YET? This is not about who slept with who, when. This is about The Truth that Elijah taught: “The White Man is The Devil”. He was grafted from the Black man 6,000 years ago. The leaders of all white people, who are the Jews, know that they must kill the Messiah and destroy His name if they want to slip through the end of their rule over the darker people of the world. The Judgment of the Jews Civilization is NOW.

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