Founder’s Day Celebration 2018

Founder’s Day Celebration

July 6-8, 2018

Muhammad Farms

2569 Southpoint Rd

Bronwood, Ga 39826


Friday, July 6

 6:00 PM – Country Fish Fry, Meet & Greet (Deadline for Fish Fry confirmation is June 22nd. We want to especially invite our retirees, so we can find out what skills and knowledge we have learned. There is no retirement from life.

Saturday, July 7      

7:30 AM – Prayer

8:00 AM – Harvesting

9:00 AM – Youth-Careers in Agriculture Seminar

11:00 AM – Farm Tours

11:00 AM – Concurrent Skills Demonstration Workshops: Bro Tony Muhammad (Pipe fitting, welding), Bro. Khalif Muhammad (Bricklaying, concrete), Bro. Gerald Muhammad (Robotics)

2:00 PM – Community Planning Charette Part 2: by Bro. Horatio Muhammad and Bro. Kevin Muhammad

(Steps to Developing our future Communities)

5:00 PM – Dinner *

Sunday, July 8

8:30 AM – Prayer

9:00  AM – Footsteps of the Messenger (Drive your own vehicle)

1:00 PM – Adjourn in Deep Step, GA



(Copy Registration Form to a Word file, print, fill out and mail)

Registration Form

Mail money order and form to Muhammad Farms, 2569 Southpoint Rd, Bronwood, GA 39826

(Registration deadline June 22nd)



Phone:________________________ Email:_____________________

Mosque or Study Group_______________ Number in party______

                             Registration(1)     Fish Fry(Friday)                    

                                              Number            Number              $Total

Adults                               ____$40            ___  $15                   _____

Students/Youth(2)    ____$25          ____ $10                   _____

Under 6 yrs old           ____($0)            ____$5                      ____

                                                                                   Total            $______

(1)Registration includes Saturday Dinner (Fish Fry on Friday is separate fee)

(2) Ages 7 to 19

More information: 229 995-6619,  Fax: 229 995-6771, email:


Hotels: Albany, GA, 19 miles from Muhammad Farms

Best Western – 2729 Pointe North Blvd, 229 446-2001

Dbl- $69.99   Sgl. – $69.99

Comfort Suites – 1400 Dawson, Rd, 229 888-3939

Dbl $89.99

Courtyard by Marriott – 3019 Kensington Ct, 229 889-8015

Dbl – $124.00

Howard Johnson Express Inn – 2719 Pointe North Blvd, 229 446-8000

Dbl – $65.00+

Suggestions for Visiting Muhammad Farms

Founder’s Day – July 6-8, 2018

  1. Wear cool, loose, comfortable clothing.  (Exposing your skin to the heat of the sun by wearing shorts and no sleeves does not cool the body.  7 days prior to your visit eliminate sodas, sugary drinks and drastically cut down on sweets.  This will reduce your attraction to gnats and other insects along with give you more stamina to handle the heat.)
  1. For outside farm work, hats, work gloves and sun glasses are recommended.
  2. Being away from home is no excuse to disrespect our discipline. Only those under the age of 16 are allowed to eat 2 meals per day (How to Eat to Live, Book 2, page 31)   Fruit will be provided for mid-day snacking, as well as pure well water and bottled water.
  1. Bring what you need for your baby and any special dietary needs.

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  1. Asa, how much is the watermelon wholesale ? Corn ? Etc the brothers with the truck who drove to Chicago can I speak to them about a trip to LA ? 323 873-7885 Sis Aminah Muhammad.

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