From Mecca through Cairo to Detroit


From Mecca to Giza to Detroit
(The Northwest Corner of our Planet)

From “I will not apologize: Resurrection of the Master Architect”

by Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min


‘Education is the key to the future. But what kind of education?’

The Minister informed the crowd that White Masons and Shriners study Black people, and know the true history of the “Master Architect” known as Hiram Abiff, who was hit in the head by ruffians, taken on a Westerly course and buried in a “shallow grave.” This is the main reason those temples have not been integrated, because they don’t want Blacks to know the truth of their great past, and destiny, he said.

“Now please don’t look hard on me because I am revealing some of your secrets, because you have 33 degrees, I have over 180, on my way to 360, so I’m already your master. I’m not arrogant, you just don’t know what you need to know in order to be free. Jesus said ‘you shall know the truth’—future tense—‘and the truth shall set you free’ so when the Shriners meet, they talk about the Master Architect.”

The Minister continued, “He’s a builder in his DNA, but his conscious mind has been broken so he can’t build like he used to build. He’s in a shallow grave and nobody has been able to raise him—they tried—but someone came with a Master Grip and pulled Hiram up out of the grave, and what you don’t know is Hiram is a symbolic picture of the Black man and woman of America.”


It is my opinion that a map of the United States sits on the Giza plateau to represent where the “Master Architect” was buried.   The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that Jesus (Yeshua or Isa) was taught at the “Peach Pyramid.”  If you take the word “Peach” apart and reshuffle the letters, you get something close to “Cheops”, which is the Greek form of the name “Khufu”.  We know that Jesus was raised and taught in Kemet, not Palestine.  If he was indeed taught at the pyramid of Khufu, the Great Pyramid, then was he shown that he was ahead of his time, because America was to be the place of the Resurrection, yet the scenario of Black people being enslaved and “spiritually” crucified and buried had not yet come to pass?

Encouraged by finding a relationship between the Giza Plateau pyramids and the Sakkara Plateau pyramids I started looking for other sets of pyramids.  I found a map of this region of Egypt which covered the pyramid area of the Nile Valley stretching 24 miles from the Abu Rawash Pyramid to the Mazghuna Pyramids (Exhibit 36).  I first reoriented my site plans to due North, then scaled my circle to this map and found that this circle not only described Giza and Sakkara, but also described the Abusir Pyramids, the Abu Rawash Pyramid and the Dashur Pyramids.  But what was more amazing is that the centers of four of these five sets of pyramids lay on a straight line through the Great Pyramid of Giza.


I also noticed that there were two pyramids, the Kha’ba and Zawyat al-Aryan which seemed to line up with Menkaura’s pyramid and the pyramid at Abu Rawash.  The name “Kha’ba” was too suggestive to me without taking a broader view which would possibly include the Sacred Kaaba in Mecca.  So I got a map of the region and using the angle of the line running through the centers of these circles and transposing it on the larger map, I found that this line ran from Giza to a little town on the Arabian peninsula called “Khuff” which was similar to Khufu to just be a coincidence.  I also remembered that Yakub was born close to but outside of Mecca.  I then took the line running through Menkaura and Kha’ba and extended it to the larger map and found that it hit Mecca. (Exhibit 37)

Now why would the builders of the pyramids in Egypt line them up with the Kaaba in Mecca unless there was some connection between the two?  I then got a globe and used the method of drawing straight lines on a globe to see where the lines from the pyramids would carry me.  To my amazements the line going through Khufu when carried Northwest ran through Crete past Athens and Paris into Stonehenge in England and across the Atlantic into Chicago.  The similar line through Menkaura and Mecca ran through Detroit where we find the biggest Masonic Temple in the world and Shriners’ Moslem Temple and the first Temple set up by Master Fard Muhammad

We use the Equator to determine our “Great Circle” which can then be used to connect shortest route lines on a globe.

From Mecca to Giza (Cairo) to Athens.

Through Stonehenge in England

To Detroit, Michigan

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