“Terrible” Terrell County roads

We at Muhammad Farms have been complaining about the condition of our roads for over 20 years to the Terrell County Commissioners. However, the “good-old-boys” have the Black people terrorized and captured on their plantation called Terrell County. However, with advent of Social Media and the Smart Phones the malpractice that they have practiced can finally be viewed by the World. So we decided to “Turn on the lights”.

We warned them in September before Hurricane Michael that if they continued to scrape the roads incorrectly that they were going to make our roads a “lake” if a big storm hit. And it did on October 10, 2018. Then for the next 36 days an additional 25 inches of rain fell and all “hell broke loose”.

Michael tore up the county roads

by Farmer Doc (Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min 5/16/20)

In October of 2018 came Michael the hurricane

Dropping 8 inches of soaking rain.

Then 25 more inches fell in 36 days

Which washed Terrell County’s 108 dirty roads away.

We went down to the Commissioners’ Meeting to complain

About our roads being washed out by the rain.

But before we had a word to say,

They brought out this fake video to play.

They showed us a movie of logging trucks getting stuck.

Then those trucks tore up the road to get unstuck.

But that didn’t have a dang thing to do with us,

Because ain’t no trucks done rode by us.

But Gamble sat up in that county seat and told a big fat lie

That the logging trucks messed up the roads in the countryside.

But for 50 years Terrell County scrapped the roads to below ground,

So when it rained, the roads were the lowest ground the water found.

So instead of dirt roads we had lakes and ponds,

Because of the damage Terrell County had already done.

Me and my wife complained for 20 years.

We suggested they go learn from a county very near.

But no, they even laughed at us,

So now we are throwing them under the county bus.

The County mismanaged the roads and the tax payers’ trust.

So we are asking the citizens of Terrell to back us.

Because when I’m stuck on these muddy roads,

Dodging wild hogs running to and fro.

I ain’t worried about no hangman’s noose

While these wild hogs are on the loose.

And when it rains I look outside

To see if I can take a ride.

Cause these roads are so damned bad,

They make a driving grown man sad.

They used the roads to drive us off our Land,

But here we are to make our Stand.

We know that we can’t take the Commissioners to court,

So we will move to our last resort.

See you at the Ballot Box,

Because that is where you will hear from us.

You see, Doc go make it Fare and Square

From the County Seat to the City Square,

No matter your Color nor your hair,

Doc go make it Fare and Square.

Peace, Doc


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