The significance of 1998

(Reprinted from pages 161-165 of “I will not apologize…” )

Inside the Pyramid

Now that we have established the relationship between length and time, let us use it to analyze the internal passages and chambers of the Great Pyramid.  Since it is located on the circle related to the US and Black people’s enslavement in America, the base date and historical time line should be related to that history.

Immediately we must make a decision on whose story we believe. For instance according to the “accepted history” of the arrival of African slaves to America, the history should start from 1619.  However, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that the first African slaves arrived in 1555.

Exhibit 56

(Components:  A-Subterranean Chamber and Passage, B-Descending Passage, C-Ascending Passage, D-Queens Chamber and Passage, E. Grand Gallery to Great Step, F. Kings Chamber and Passage and G. Exit from Descending Passage.)


Now after looking at the internal structure, where should we start (Ex. 56)?  Should we start at the entrance to the pyramid via the Descending Passage as Lemeusier did or is there another entrance?  In my book “Amen: The Secret Waters of the Great Pyramid” I said that the Great Pyramid was a water purification center with the water entering from below  and exiting at what is now considered the entrance.  The function of purification, the process of purification and the steps in that process are clues as to its use in terms of a historical and prophetic time machine.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now Minister Farrakhan have described the many trials and tribulations of Black people as a part of a purification process.  Therefore time would flow as the water would flow through the tunnels from the entrance from below, through the passageways and chambers until its exit at the entrance to the Descending Passage.

We have chosen the Sacred Cubit of 25” as the primary measure indicating each year of Black people’s experience in America since 1555.  When we did this, we found that the total length of all the passageways and chambers added up to 11,079.85 inches.  Using the length to time ratio of 25” equal 1 year, the total number of years covered would be 443.1941 years.  Now this figure is most interesting, not only because it brings us up to 1998, but if you multiply this (443.1941) by the Royal Cubit (20.6066”) you come back to 9131.25” which is the length of a side of the pyramid.

This indicates that 20.6066” as the Royal Cubit should be used as a second constant which transforms inches into years.  Since we know that the two main story lines in America concerns Black people and white people, the idea of two simultaneous but yet different perspectives on significant turning points makes sense.  And since we believe that Black people are from the sacred Tribe of Shabazz, we chose the Sacred Cubit and its time line to refer to Black people and the Royal Cubit and time line to refer to white people.


  Length   Scale YEAR Scale YEAR
Section Of Section Sum S. C. 1555.6 R. C. 1555.6
A – Sub. 1320.6 1320.6 52.8 1608.4 64.1 1619.7
B -Desc. 2958.4 4279.0 171.2 1726.8 207.7 1763.3
C -Asc. 1485.0 5764.0 230.6 1786.2 279.7 1835.3
D – Q.C. center 1624.8 7388.8 295.6 1851.2 358.6 1914.2
D – Q.C. end 103.0 7491.8 299.7 1855.3 363.6 1919.2
E – G.G. 1881.2 9373.1 374.9 1930.5 454.9 2010.5
Fa – K.C. 61.6 9434.7 377.4 1933.0 457.8 2013.4
Fb 52.0 9486.7 379.5 1935.1 460.4 2016.0
Fc 116.3 9603.0 384.1 1939.7 466.0 2021.6
Fd 101.0 9704.0 388.2 1943.8 470.9 2026.5
Fe 58.1 9762.1 390.5 1946.1 473.7 2029.3
Ff 32.2 9794.3 391.8 1947.4 475.3 2030.9
Fg 147.9 9851.9 394.1 1949.7 478.1 2033.7
F – K.C. end 206.1 9910.1 396.4 1952.0 480.9 2036.5
G – gable 688.0 10598.1 423.9 1979.5 514.3 2069.9
G – exit 481.7 11079.8 443.2 1998.8 552.2 2107.8


(Components:  A-Subterranean Chamber and Passage, B-Descending Passage, C-Ascending Passage, D-Queens Chamber and Passage, E. Grand Gallery to Great Step, F. Kings Chamber and Passage and G. Exit from Descending Passage.)

Exhibit 57


The conversion table (Ex. 57) presents the measurement of the 7 major components (A-G).  The further break down of F (Kings Chamber and Passage) into Fa thru Fg can be seen back in Exhibit 53.

The Great Step at the top of the Grand Gallery is directly beneath the east-west axis of the pyramid (Ex. 56) and is considered to indicate a monumental change.  The Great Step is 9373.1 inches or 374.9 years from our starting year of 1555.6 A.D.  This point would represent 1930 in the month of July. July 4, 1930 is the date that Master Fard Muhammad made himself known in Detroit, Mich.  He had been in and out of America for 22 years prior to this date.

Other interesting dates include 1933, 1935, 1943, 1946, 1947 and 1952.  1933 was the year in which both Min. Louis Farrakhan and Warith Dean Mohammed were born.  1935 was the year that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad began teaching that Master Fard Muhammad was Allah in Person and the year in which his own blood brother, Kalot, tried to kill him.  1943 was the year that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was put in prison due to WWII.  1946 was the year that he was released from prison. In 1947 the Nation opened up the first grocery store, Shabazz restaurant and bakery. 1952 was when Malcolm joined the Nation.

The Million Man March came in 1995. I had hoped that this date would have been inscribed in some significant node, but it was not.  There may be some other features not yet identified which could point to this date and a point 440 SC from our starting point.  Instead, 1998 is the end of our Sacred Cubit Scale of years, consisting of 443.1939 years.  At first I was disappointed that I could not at first find anything significant enough to have happened in 1998 to warrant this being the end of the period of affliction or purification for Black people in America.  1998 was the year that Minister Farrakhan announced that the Nation was to set up 9 ministries which was to be the basis for a government.  Something happened after this announcement which was not properly brought to my attention until I again listened to a tape of Min. Farrakhan’s speech given in Tchula, AL in 2002.

In this speech Min. Farrakhan pointed out that the beginning of the Christian Era did not start with the birth of Jesus, nor the beginning of his ministry, but after his affliction and apparent death.  The beginning of the Islamic calendar did not start at the birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), or at the time of his first revelation, but after his affliction and exile from Mecca to Medina.  Right after Min. Farrakhan’s announcement in 1998, he was poisoned.  By the end of January of 1999 he was deathly sick.  In March of 1999 he had loss so much blood that he was within a few pints from death.

Therefore the beginning of the new era of the Nation of Islam should begin between the end of 1998 or beginning of 1999, which is the period of Min. Farrakhan’s great trial and a greater trial for the Nation of Islam.  This was almost his end, but he survived this attack,  and now it becomes our new beginning.  Every knock has become a boost. All Praises are due to Allah.

But looking at this from the point of view of a non-believer or one hostile to Min. Farrakhan, the above analysis can be rejected just on the principle that he can’t be that significant.  Some others could point to other events that may be more significant in regards to Black people’s 400+ years of affliction.  Then others could simply say that my whole scaling scheme is bogus.  However, I take comfort in knowing that one day people will surely know if my analysis is correct.  I have already decided that I will place my life on my understanding of Min. Farrakhan, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. What about you?  What will you place your life upon?

I do not claim to be the Best Knower and there should be others who would take the time to evaluate other alternative scenarios.  I went this far to show you how this tool might be used.  I will continue to study it and perfect it’s use. Hopefully, some of you might get busy as well before our enemies do.

The spacing or timing between nodes in the Great Pyramid can now become a pattern for the development of any righteous endeavor.  Once the beginning of the process is determined, one can predict significant turning points based on the interpretation of the nodes.  We could say that the Great Pyramid can be used as a “Pre-History Mapping Machine.”

In this treatise we have used the pyramid to analyze the sojourn of Black people in America.  In the next section (What Time is It?)  we will show how the question of dating the past, or even knowing for sure what year this really is, has not been closed.  Although the dates may change, as long as the number of years between the major events over the last 443 years does not change, our analysis holds.

Now if we go to the Royal Cubit analysis we find that the Subterranean Chamber and Passage brings us from 1555.6 to 1619.7.  The white man claims that slavery started in 1619 instead of 1555. This is the clue to where the great “$64,000 question” comes from, i.e. those 64 missing years of history.  Therefore this makes me believe that this set of dates based on the Royal Cubit of 20.6066 should refer to so-called white people in America. The date 1914 jumps out at me because it is in the very center of the Queens Chamber and is the date for the end of the white man’s rule of 6,000 years.  1919 is the year of the “Red Summer” of violence against Black people as the white man was trying to put Black people back in place after World War I.

I will not be so presumptuous as to believe that I know enough about events and their significance to try and place each inch with each event.  What I have presented is a tool for the expansion of the mind of those who want to go on the venture.  The Great Pyramid along with the other great markings that our people left are educational tools for teaching us after their departure, or as we call it, death.  The specific things that we find are not as important as the process of learning and the expansion of the mind that this learning process manufactures.

The brain feeds off of truth and dies from a lack of truth or meaningful thought and activity.  I have just begun to explore the pyramids and thereby the minds of our people when we were gods.  Hopefully, I can inspire others to come on this voyage.  I cannot guarantee what you will find on this quest, but for me it has been well worth the effort.

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